About vfonds

In the Netherlands, we have been living in a society without war for over 75 years. However, the achievements we have since then – being able to live in peace and freedom under the protection by democratic values ​​and institutions – cannot be taken for granted.

Therefore, vfonds supports more than 200 projects that increase knowledge about war and conflict, emphasize the importance of and appreciation for the democratic constitutional state and that teach people the skills to make an active contribution themselves. This also includes: appreciation for veterans and police officers who commit themselves, domestically and abroad, to protecting and enforcing those values. With this support, vfonds wants to inspire and motivate different generations to actively contribute to a strong democratic constitutional state and a peaceful society, based on the lessons learned from war and conflict.

In addition to offering financial support, vfonds establishes connections between different parties and we sometimes take the initiative to put a topic on the agenda. We focus on all residents of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, on the full breadth of society and with a special focus on young people. In this way we contribute in different ways to increase impact and visibility.

Vfonds can provide funding thanks to contributions from, among others, the Nationale Postcode Loterij, VriendenLoterij and the Nederlandse Loterij.

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